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Our story is like most New England small business'. 

With years of hard work and sacrifice, we built relationships, partnered with the right manufacturers and hired great employees to become a leader in the Building Automation Industry and this year we are celebrating our 20 year anniversary.

We are committed to providing leading edge Building Automation Solutions that ensure the comfort and safety of our customers by providing healthy building environments with a focus on energy efficiency and reliability of building systems.

Our  approach is a little DIFFERENT.

For each project we ask One question and answer it from

Multiple perspectives.

What's the RIGHT thing to do by:

  • The Client

  • The Engineer

  • The Systems

  • Our MFG Partners

  • Our Sub-Contractors

  • Our Employees

With those answers, we piece together a design that will continue to benefit the end-user long after the project is over.



Let’s Work Together

572 Odlin Rd.

Bangor, ME 04401

Tel: (207) 989-8855

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