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Niagara Enterprise Security

  • Complete systems integration through Niagara or standard BACnet® protocol
  • Real-time occupancy control to reduce energy consumption
  • Consolidated building intelligence on a single dashboard
  • Database integration API for centralized management of logical and physical access
  • Integrated video surveillance

WEBs-N4 Enterprise Security

  • Truly open solution-connectivity via oBIX, BACnet, SNMP, Modbus, and other non-proprietary protocols
  • Web based security application – easily managed via a standard browser anytime, anywhere
  • Supports database connectivity to MS SQL Server 2003 and MySQL
  • Distributed architecture for increased reliability and control at remote locations
  • Centrally managed card holder and credential database
  • Integrated video solution
  • Quick click access to video playback related to individual alarm events
  • Built on the highly successful NiagaraAX Framework, the industry’s leading facility management software platform
  • Configurable Operator Access Levels
  • Simultaneous support for multiple credential formats
  • Flexible Card format programming allows use of existing credentials without knowing the entire format
  • Peer-to-peer communication between security controllers – combined intrusion detection, access zones, alarming, etc.

Maxpro NVR Family

  • Turn key Solutions (PE, SE, XE)- 8 to 64 Channels and software solutions-4 to 64 channels
  • Open- Compatible with Honeywell and third parties, ONVIF Profile S Compliant, RTSP and 360 support
  • Learn One, Know Them All- Easy to install with three clicks to live video and easy to use for all security users