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Lower Installation Costs

Installation of Ethernet-powered  lighting saves time and money over traditional lighting systems. Igor-enabled devices use plug-and-play, modular connectors and don’t require high-voltage wiring. Setup is more efficient and cost-effective.

Lower Energy Costs

LED lighting systems are 60% more energy efficient than fluorescent or incandescent or incandescent lighting. Igor increases this efficiency further by using intelligent automation and scheduling to reduce waste and cut energy costs.

Motion and occupancy sensors provide lighting when needed and turning it off when rooms are not in use. All fixtures can be programmed to turn on and off according to set schedules, be adjusted on a granular level for usage controls, and adjust automatically to make use of sunlight exposure.

IT-friendly maintenance

The Igor platform greatly simplifies facility management and maintenance.

Not only can every device in the system, be monitored and provide feedback about outages or issues in real time, but system upkeep can be maintained by existing IT staff. Installation and replacement of components is made easy with plug-and-play configuration.

Simple Space Configuration

Igor’s modular level of control makes lighting management simple. Created and edit virtual spaces anytime with Igor’s application interface, control how devices interact within each area and add, remove, or move components as necessary.

Open API

Igor’s open API enables nearly limitless possibilities for how lighting can be controlled and automated in custom applications and meet unique business and building needs. Users and vendors can tap into the granular control platform to create their own custom controls, settings, and action sets. So, whatever the specific needs of your space, you can automate energy management reduce costs, and increase functionality.

Real-time Feedback

Igor provides constant feedback on connected devices. real-time data allows for cost-saving analysis of usage day-to-day operations.

Built for Innovation

How could intelligent, automated lighting fundamentally change the way we think about our lights? Igor’s open API makes it possible for vendors, manufacturers, and user to create custom applications that meet their specific lighting needs. This opens the door for community innovation to increase control, efficiency, and monitoring capabilities of our platform.

Endless Possibilities

We empower partners and developers to extend the Igor to provide Customized functionality that offers solutions to control comfort and mood, add entertainment value, improve building safety and security, and more. The Igor API enables a world of possibilities for lighting to evolve into something more than just illumination.