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“Open” Systems

What are “Open” systems?

These days the word “Open” is thrown around as an industry buzz word. Most times it means whatever a particular manufacturer or contractor wants it to mean.  However, our definition of an “Open” system is one that is Non-Proprietary, meaning Building Automation and Control Systems that allow programming and integration of control components from various manufactures to the same Platform, without the need for proprietary appliances, licenses or specialized and proprietary non-embedded software.

Essentially this means that your system should be capable of being programmed, serviced, and maintained by any vendor you wish without ever being reliant on the original installer. Any experienced and qualified contractor could pick up where your previous service provider left off and provide you with a seamless transition for all service, maintenance, and future expansions of your facility.

Is “Open” really possible?

Absolutely! In fact, its all we do. The Niagara AX and N4 Frameworks by Tridium provide the ideal platform to achieve a truly “Open” system. All major control manufacturers currently have a product line built on or around the Tridium Niagara platform, which gives us many different options and capabilities to provide an “Open” and Non-Proprietary system while at the same time providing the customer with a high end solution that helps them to gain maximum control over their Building data and efficiency options.

How “Open” sets us apart

XL Automation is the premier provider of Open and Non-proprietary Tridium Based Building Automation and Control Systems in the New England Area. It is our mission and our commitment to remain “Open and Non-Proprietary”. Providers of proprietary equipment only have to earn your business the first time, then you are locked into a relationship that may carry significant costs over time. We believe it is our responsibility to earn your business every time, not just the first time. We know that this ideal helps us to stand apart from the legacy of this industry and from company’s whose goal it is to “lock” you into a proprietary relationship for years to come.

Our years of industry experience combined with our commitment to stay on the leading edge of Building Management System technology has made us the “go-to” company for engineering firms, contractors, and knowledgeable customers in this area when they have questions regarding “Open” systems. If you are interested in setting up a free “Open” Systems demo, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to make a site visit to discuss your needs.