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Graphics Packages

Our graphical representations of buildings and campuses, and our custom 3D adaptations of floor plans are far superior to what you will typically see from many of our competitors. This has helped us not only to stand apart, but has also enabled us to meet the specific needs of many of our customers. These custom developments include, Graphical User Interfaces, Dashboards, Stream-lined bid processing templates, Submittals, AsBuilts, and Graphics.

2D Package

Our 2D Graphic User Interface (GUI) shows floor plan layouts which are clear, visually appealing, and informational. They visually display temperatures for various spaces and their associated equipment statuses. 2D GUI Building Layouts are an economic solution to enhancing the functionality of your Building Management System (BMS) and typically come as part of our standard package.

3D Package

XL Automation specializes in 3D renderings of actual buildings which are drawn and designed by our team of trained professionals to give you the clearest visual representation of your building possible. Our 3D adaptations provide you with an enhanced view of the building lay out with packages offering detailed ductwork, building equipment, and even furniture placement.


Animation Package

Custom Graphics – We can draw and animate anything! Custom graphics and animations allow you the ability to clearly see a graphical representation of the information that is most important to you.

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Please contact our design team for package details or to discuss solutions for your company’s specific needs.