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Building Automation

Building Automation Systems (BAS) provide the ability to tie together multiple building systems into one unified Platform and Graphical User Interface (GUI). Such systems include: Utilities, Energy, Generation, Lighting, Security, HVAC, Asset Management, Personnel Location, Card Access, Time & Attendance, Elevators, Fire and Smoke, Irrigation, and any other system you can think of. All of these system can be tied to one single user interface from which you can easily control or monitor your building operations. Everything is in your control on “Single Pane of Glass”. By having everything easily accessible via a work station or with web access from any device, you can save energy, protect equipment and control expenses without having to give up comfort in your facility.



Building automation Graphical User Interfaces (GUI’s) allow users to quickly identify temperatures and other specified data in any part of the building.


By clicking on any area of interest, the user can view equipment, determine status and change set-points easily and efficiently.


When a piece of equipment deviates from programmed set-points, alarms and emails help maintenance personnel to quickly troubleshoot, correct or disable the unit which protects longevity of the system.