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XL Automation is the premier provider of Open and Non-proprietary Tridium Based Building Automation and Control Systems in the New England Area. Our mission is “to be the premier provider of truly “Open and Non-Proprietary” Building Automation and Control Systems and to stay on the leading edge of the Building Automation industry.

Our priority will always be to establish and maintain relationships with our customers by exceeding their expectations, providing superior service, and earning their trust through honest, upfront business practices.” Our affiliation and familiarity with the Niagara AX & N4 platforms have provided us with the opportunity to represent Honeywell as an “Automated Controls Integrator (ACI)”  and Siemens as a Talon Distributor (VAP).

It is our mission and our commitment to remain “Open and Non-Proprietary.” Providers of proprietary equipment only have to earn your business the first time. Then, you are locked into a relationship that may carry significant costs over time. We believe it is our responsibility to earn your business every time, not just the first time. We know this ideal helps us stand apart from this industry’s legacy and from the company’s whose goal is to “lock” you into a proprietary relationship for years to come.

Our years of industry experience combined with our commitment to stay on the leading edge of Building Management System technology has made us the “go-to” company for engineering firms, contractors, and knowledgeable customers in this area when they have questions regarding “Open” systems. If you are interested in setting up a free “Open” Systems demo, please contact us. We would be happy to make a site visit to discuss your needs.

Our team is committed to designing and providing systems that achieve the highest standards of excellence and the requests and needs of our customers. We are determined to provide the highest quality products available in our customer’s best interest in both the short and long term.